Mark your calendars for the 6th

International Museum Workers Day


Thursday, October 22, 2020

celebrating the theme of  SPORTS HERITAGE!

The first HAMuseumW was quite an experience seeing so many museums, museum professionals and museum lovers from around the world support the fun but equally important event: Hug A Museum Worker Day (Monday, June 29, 2015).

The HAMuseumW is fun, well, because it is … as are museums. And, most of us can do with a hug on a regular basis – especially all over-worked, under-paid with little job-security museum staff.

In addition to being a fun event with a somewhat flippant title, Hug A Museum Worker Day aims to highlight the professions of so many people in the museum world with which the general public are not familiar.

When we watch a movie, there is the end credits – though, admittedly, many of us who are not in the filmmaking industry simply walk out of the theater or change the channel. Unless, of course, the music is fantastic or, better yet, there are bloopers included in the closing credits. The same is true of movie credits on IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Sometimes, it is impossible to fathom that it takes the involvement of so many people to make a single feature film. This is true even for us indie filmmakers.

So, if we walk out of the theatre before the film ends, or change the channel, we can still look up the credits. Everyone’s name can be found on a movie / project’s IMDb page.

* If there are any investors out there, here is an idea: Internet MUSEUMS Database! Remember, folks: you heard it here first.

Most unfortunately, we do not (yet?) have an Internet MUSEUM Database for either temporary or permanent museum exhibitions. Permanent museum exhibitions give credit to the individual or corporate donors who fund the creation of a gallery. And, that’s about it. Temporary exhibitions present somewhat more detailed information on the cast of characters that are involved in the making of a show, again, with focus on funders as well as, more recently, the exhibition’s curator. That, too, typically ends just about there.

So, WHY not take this opportunity and introduce the role of various professionals that make possible the collection, preservation, interpretation, exhibition and presentation of human natural and cultural objects and experiences.

Join us on June 28, 2016, for this year’s #HAMuseumW… and, don’t forget, the ‘hugging’ part of this museum professionals’ appreciation day is not to be taken literally – unless you work with the person and have their approval to touch them.