Mark your calendars for the 6th

International Museum Workers Day


Thursday, October 22, 2020

celebrating the theme of  SPORTS HERITAGE!

MUSEUM WORKERS have spoken out – here are a few UPDATES (June 2015)

1) ASK before we approach anyone – museum worker or not – to shake their hands (or hug them)!

2) Special dispensation for those museum workers who have Mondays off to receive their hugs throughout the weekend (June 26-29).


Because museum workers are the main force behind the engine that injects $21B to the US economy that itself is a critical component of the $192B cultural tourism industry.

And, that’s just in the U.S. alone!

We are delighted if the financial aspect of this late modern era cultural phenomenon doesn’t wholly satisfy your skepticism. In which case, let us consider more serious reasons to love museums and their workers:

  1. Museums are FUN.
  2. Museums are FUN and beautiful.
  3. Museums are FUN learning centers.
  4. Museums are FUN places to bring a date.
  5. (Yes. Seriously.)
  6. Museums provide FUN shopping experiences — ok, the ones with shops.
  7. Museums provide FUN enviroments for the entire family without costing a fortune — IF you become a member!
  8. Museums provide FUN places to meet up with your friends and have a bit to eat — well, all right, not all of them. But when they do…
  9. Museums provide FUN ways to learn about history, science, culture, geography, various cultures…and, art.
  10. Museums WORKERS are much like librarians: they do their job because they really love it. Honestly. The pay is rubbish and the work is half as glamorous as it sounds to … civilians.

On that note, don’t you think that Museum WORKERS deserve a hug?

Yes. Seriously.

You can also extend the “Hug A Museum Worker Day” to a year-round celebration:

  1. Join your local museum as a(n individual or family) membership – whereby you’ll save a fortune in entry fees;
  2. Shop at your local museum – where you’ll find highly unique gifts for friends and family;
  3. Volunteer at your local museum – they’ll really appreciate your time and dedication (if you qualify);
  4. Follow your favorite local or international museums on your favorite social media – yes, it makes a big difference to them;
  5. Whilst you are at it, voice your support by liking, retweeting & commenting on their profiles;
  6. Subscribe to your favorite museum’s newsletter to stay abreast of their;
  7. Subscribe to some of the regional, national or even international museum museums associations;
  8. Simply, show up!

* Of course, we are generalizing about educational services, and basic facilities that most museums (including in the U.S.) offer their visitors. For example, some – though not nearly half as many as should be… – are FREE. And, great number of their cafe provide food that may be “FUN” but they sure aren’t cheap. E.g. The New Whitney.