Mark your calendars for the 6th

International Museum Workers Day


Thursday, October 22, 2020

celebrating the theme of  SPORTS HERITAGE!

GLOBAL SPORTS HERITAGE ASSOCIATION promotes sporting heritage in various fields, across generations, and around the globe.

GSHA’s VISION is to serve as the unifying global & cross-generational voice of sports heritage.

GSHA is committed to help promote sports heritage at all levels, from grassroots engagement to academic research.

GSHA’s MISSION is grounded in the belief that sports are of critical necessity to our emotional, spiritual, physical, communal, and societal well-being.

We believe that “Heritage is about the future (GSHA).”

ogether, sports and heritage are instrumental in sustaining a healthy society, and in enhancing peace-building across cultures.

The annual Global Sports Heritage Day #GSHD 02, 22, 2021 #GSHD2021 invites sporting communities & cultural organizations around the world to share and celebrate their heritage.

FOLLOW our heritage partner INTL Heritage and Museum Workers Day, founded in 2015, marked in 170 countries.

Especial thanks to IMWD2020 for dedicating their 6th annual event to #SPORTHERITAGE on Thursday, October 22. 2020, #SportsIMWD

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