See PDF Report of SILK ROAD WEEK 2021

#2021SilkRoadWeek June 18-24, 2021 Honoring UNESCO’s Silk Road Programme, Silk Road Week is an annual event first introduced and organized by China National Silk Museum and the International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT) and the Chinese Museums Association’s Committee of Museums along the Silk Road, in 2020.

In its second edition, Silk Road Week 2021 is hosted by the National Cultural Heritage Administration and the People’s Government of Zhejiang, with the theme of “The Silk Roads: Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development” in Hangzhou, China. The event features a vast array of museum-led activities, including: exhibitions, performances, reports, book releases and seminars, celebrating the anniversary of the inscription of the Silk Road – from Chang’an to the Tianshan Corridor -, onto UNESCO’s list of World Heritage, in June 2014.

This year, GSHA (Global Sports Heritage Association), MUSEUMVIEWS and IMWD (International Museum Workers Day) celebrate the heritage & histories of various sports – football (cuju), martial arts, equestrian sports, archery, wrestling, horse polo, board games, weight lifting, etc. – whose foundations may be found along the Silk Road. Likewise, we celebrate new sporting practices and traditions that are adapted by countries along the ancient Silk Road.

“We honor UNESCO’s Silk Road Programme since its mission, as we understand it, is a call to humanity to unite and thrive.” Homa Taj Nasab | Founder GSHA, MuseumViews, IMWD.

Lead by GSHA (Global Sports Heritage Association), MUSEUMVIEWS & IMWD (International Museum Workers Day) honor and celebrate all 46 cities on UNESCO’s Silk Road Programme registry as they relate to sporting tradition and Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development – the theme of this year’s #2021SilkRoadWeek.