Mark your calendars for the 6th

International Museum Workers Day


Thursday, October 22, 2020

celebrating the theme of  SPORTS HERITAGE!

Inspired by our recent partnership with Global Sports Heritage Association (GSHA – /’ɡeeʃə/), International Museum Workers Day is thrilled to announce ‘Sports Heritage’ as the theme for the 6th IMWD2020 to be marked on the last Thursday in October, 10.22.2020 #SportsIMWD.

We honor the pledge taken by GSHA by acknowledging that physical education, physical activity and sport all form part of humanity’s non-tangible heritage which include dance, recreational, organized, competitive, casual, traditional and indigenous sports and games.

Like GSHA, IMWD is committed to recognizing UNESCO’s International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport which is a rights-based reference that orients and supports policy- and decision-making in all aspects of sport.

We advocate for our partners and audiences to commit to the Charter so that its principles can become a reality for all human beings, especially as it relates to cultural norms and practices, and future sports heritage.

IMWD & GSHA’s contribution to the UNESCO Charter is grounded in the belief that advocating for an appreciation of sports heritage gives stakeholders a better understanding of their place in contemporary society. We believe that promoting sports heritage may be regarded as an added tool for cultivating the ability to make informed, strategic decisions toward balancing and optimizing the impact of policy options and priorities at different levels.

We urge everyone — culture, heritage and art organizations, sports organizations, non-governmental entities, the business community, the media, educators, researchers, sport professionals and volunteers, participants and their support personnel, referees, families, as well as spectators — to commit to UNESCO’s International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport.